All Them Witches
Sleeping Through The War (2017)


The fundamental laws that govern All Them Witches' Dave Cobb-produced LP Sleeping Through The War are the same fundamentals that have made ATW a cult favorite -- big fuzz, deep grooves, cosmic vision -- but the journey through the wormhole has brought something else. Their sound has become so expansive you can hear echoes of Dr. John’s Gris-Gris and the glacial expanses of Sigur Ros, the fire and brimstone of Appalachian snake charmers and the meditative om of the East. The gravity of All Them Witches is warping the space-time in which we all exist and Sleeping Through The War is just the sort of heaviness these weird times demand.

“They are the real deal — psychedelic blues-rock warriors who pray at the altar of Black Sabbath, space out like Pink Floyd and shred away their bummers like Blue Cheer.” - Spin

“A woozy, hypnotic piece of brooding, voodoo psychedelia, nestling somewhere between Dr John, The Doors at their most wired, and Sigur Ros.” - Classic Rock

"An immensely powerful work of art from start to finish." - Metal Recusants

"Between the album’s imaginative, original art work and music that follows suit, this is one CD you’ll want to hold in your hands and stare at as you strap in and let the inspired music unspool." - American Songwriter

"Sleeping Through the War is All Them Witches' most fully realized set to date, a sprawling yet remarkably focused effort that takes their exploratory, often spliced-together work ethic in a more stridently song-oriented direction. That's not to say that the band has abandoned the bluesy, promethean space rock of prior outings -- you can practically smell the smoke wafting into the control room during the hypnotic 'Alabaster' and the rootsy, nearly ten-minute closer, 'Internet' -- but less proto-metal offerings like 'Don't Bring Me Coffee' and 'Bruce Lee' evoke Queens of the Stone Age far more than they do Hawkwind." - AllMusic

"If smoking weed in a friend’s basement as a teenager had a soundtrack, Sleeping Through the War by All Them Witches would be it." - Mxdwn

"Sleeping Through The War' strikes the perfect balance of the familiar and the alien to distill 45 minutes of musical opium. Bliss." - Clash

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