Daniel Romano
Modern Pressure (2017)

Propelled and resourceful as he is prolific, Daniel Romano recorded Modern Pressure at a minimalistic cabin in secluded Finnsäs, Sweden with additional string and horn players being added at Baldwin Street Sound in Toronto, ON. Engineered by long-time collaborator Kenneth Meehan, the fevered pace of work lent itself to the unrestrained and undeviated nature of the songs themselves. Songs that were written in observational scrutiny beneath the overcast atmosphere of 2016 and vigorously tackle the present-day heaviness we contain in the jotting bones of our guilty expressions. The twelve tracks boldly ask, "What age is this? What blooming weight do we carry?"

"[Modern Pressure] is the work of a pop craftsman who's confident about sharing finished pieces that sound like works in progress, or rather, as fragments that become complete and whole only when someone else, you or I, listen to them." - NPR's "Fresh Air"

“It's sonically spiritual to 2016's Mosey, and shows Romano continuing to sharpen his signature sound, combining elements of retro-tinged rock 'n' roll, country, and psychedelia to create a vibrant tapestry of tunes that feel just as at home in 2017 as they might in 1965.” - Noisey/Vice

"The songs’ storytelling harkens back to an early Bob Dylan-esque sound but filled with various instrumental and dynamic horn builds and mixed with Romano’s straight to the point, yet poignant lyricism." - EARMILK

Modern Pressure feels vibrant and impassioned, adding a freshness to the otherwise vintage sound. It's the work of someone who truly pours their heart and soul into perfecting every song, scratching out and rewriting every lyric. Here's looking forward to whatever form Romano will take next.” - Exclaim!

“Daniel Romano sings like Adam Granduciel, plays guitar like a member of Thin Lizzy, and writes songs like Wilco at their power-poppiest.” - FLOOD Magazine

“...Modern Pressure is cool. Like, old-school cool.” - Vinyl Me, Please

“...delightful old-school choruses that are catchy as pop but read more organic.” - Nerdist

“Romano is a master of bricolage, piecing together disparate sounds from psych-rock’s past—whether backwards-tape experiments or trippy harmony singing—with a thoroughly modern sound and a load of pop hooks.” - Chicago Reader

“The ever-restless Romano just keeps on moving: from the marvelous countrypolitan reimaginings of 2015’s If I’ve Only One Time Askin’ to the power pop of his Ancient Shapes project to the swirling folk, pop, country, and psychedelica of his latest, Modern Pressure.” - Boston Globe

“To enjoy a new Daniel Romano album one needs to forget everything they know and perhaps like about the Daniel Romano present on the previous release and come at it with fresh ears and no expectations. Doing so opens up the myriad creative avenues Romano and company seem hell-bent on exploring for as long as they can, taking the music in new and different directions every time...remaining an uneasily classifiable, yet highly enjoyable artist unafraid to alienate fans by following his creative urges, wherever they may lead.” - PopMatters

Whatever the reason, [Modern Pressure is] a tour de force, and one that ought to awaken the world to [Romano’s] considerable talents. One can only hope so.” - Glide Magazine

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