daniel romano - mosey


"'Valerie Leon' gets the record off to a scorching start..." - Pitchfork

"Mosey is clearly not just the work of an absurdly gifted musician, it's the product of an exceptionally vibrant mind." - Uncut, 8/10 rating

"Expanding on arrangements, this set is more ambitious, sometimes bonkers. Lee Hazlewood would appreciate the wide-screen Bollywood-meets-Western Valerie Leon, and how Romano infuses country mushrooms, helium, Beatles and blues rock. Some nice piano ballads too." - Mojo

"Mosey feels simultaneously old and brand new...It can feel kitschy at times in a way that’s completely devoid of irony. It is instead wholeheartedly praising the ‘bad’ art it’s partly inspired by; giving the sounds a new, forceful weight." - Noisey

“Limits only exist if you let them. Clearly, Romano does not. With his fifth album, the prolific shapeshifter spreads his wings and flies further into the cosmos, goosing his eccentric alt-country and Dylanesque vocals with funky grooves, punchy horns, psychedelia, piano balladry and anything else that strikes him — all rendered in rich mono. Full speed ahead.” - Toronto Sun (Sun Media), 4/5 stars

"Mosey the LP is complex and varied — it’s pop-forward, but evoking the kind of pop created by the Beatles, Lee Hazelwood and Serge Gainsbourg, not current Top 40...it almost sounds like a soundtrack to a movie that exists only in his most unbridled dreams, playing just as freely with pop history as he did with country and folk." - American Songwriter

“...the kind of country psychedelia that brings Lee Hazlewood to mind.” - Brooklyn Vegan

"These 12 tunes are as poetic as they are powerful, and house a hefty amount of meaning." - Exclaim!, 9/10 rating

American Songwriter



Rolling Stone
“Valerie Leon”

The Fader
“(Gone Is) All But A Quarry Of Stone” (premix) video and album-version song premiere

"I Had To Hide Your Poem In A Song" premiere

Daniel Romano refuses to be confined to narrow classification - in fact, out of necessity he created his own genre: Mosey Music. With the May release of Daniel’s fifth solo record Mosey on New West Records, we get a fresh new vista into the mind of the prolific singer-songwriter, the masterful lyricist and the multi-instrumentalist. His most ambitious affair to date, Mosey will undoubtedly catch many by surprise. New sonic territories are mapped, genres are splintered, conventional rules discarded. Imagine Rolling Thunder Revue era Bob Dylan conspiring with Lee Hazlewood, Tom Waits and Peter Green. You’ll hear heavy swells of fuzzed out electric guitar, horns, and keys delivered with a fire and fury that demands your close attention. There are even some surprise guest cameos to boot.


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