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Praise For The Eclipse Sessions:

"Hiatt still writes, as evidenced by his latest release, The Eclipse Sessions, a collection of timeless tunes that show his unassuming mastery."  The New York Times

" artist on par with American greats such as Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen." Guitar Player Magazine

"There are fetching melodies and rhythmic wrinkles characteristic of Hiatt's best work." The Associated Press

"At its core, The Eclipse Sessions shows that Hiatt remains a songwriter worth listening to: He’s a skillful lyricist with a singular voice." Paste Magazine

"Hiatt says that his latest, The Eclipse Sessions, is connected to that album (Bring The Family) as well as to 2000's Crossing Muddy Waters, due to the fact that he didn't know where he was headed when he started them. But his lack of direction is a blessing to the rest of us, culminating in a project that sounds as good as anything he's done in years." No Depression

"Listen to Hiatt’s road-weary voice, his sturdy guitar, and the stripped-down accompaniment; it seems he’s got plenty left. This is as expressive as he’s ever sounded." Glide Magazine

"On these 11 originals, once again Hiatt proves he's still got plenty of reason to live, and plenty left to share with the rest of us as well." No Depression

 Photo by David McClister   Download 300 DPI JPG

Photo by David McClister

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 Photo by David McClister   Download 300 DPI JPG

Photo by David McClister

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terms of my surrender (2014)

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here to stay - best of 2000-2012 (2013)

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mystic pinball (2012)

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the tiki bar is open (2001)

The open road (2010)

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crossing muddy waters (2000)

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