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The siren's song (2017)

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Photo Credit: Dane Roy

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Photo Credit: Dane Roy

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Photo Credit: Dane Roy

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“Clayton Linthicum causes the same maddening ecstasy as a guitar player that his second cousin Kacy Anderson does as a singer, his wild spontaneity bursting against her eerie stoicism.”–The Milk Carton Kids

NASHVILLE, TN (August 16, 2017) – Kacy & Clayton are set to return with The Siren’s Song via New West Records this Friday, August 18th, 2017. The 9-song set was produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy and recorded by Tom Schick at Wilco’s The Loft in Chicago, IL. The Siren’s Song is the follow up to their acclaimed 2015 New West Records debut Strange Country, and for the first time incorporates full, electric band arrangements. Their sound is an arresting amalgamation of psychedelic folk, English folk revival and the ancestral music of Southern Appalachia. Now rounded out by Mike Silverman on drums and percussion & Shuyler Jansen on bass, The Siren’s Song encompasses their 60’s and 70’s Folk and Traditional Country influences, but also introduces a new emphasis on groove. A full stream of the album can be heard now exclusively at AllMusic, who notes that the duo “delivers endless melody and effortless cool.” Listen HERE. Previously, The Boot premiered the album track “This World Has Seven Wonders,” calling it “a perfect example of Kacy & Clayton’s mix of Appalachian sounds and psychedelic folk. The melody wouldn’t have sounded at all out of place among 1970s folk-pop hits, and Kacy Anderson’s vocals have a slightly wispy, light quality to them.” Read more HERE. The Siren’s Song will be available on vinyl, compact disc, digitally and can be pre-ordered now HERE. Kacy & Clayton are on tour now with more North American dates to be announced soon (please see below for full tour details).

American Songwriter recently premiered the “darkly amusing” video for The Siren’s Song “transfixing” new track, “Just Like A Summer Cloud,” HERE. Director Nakasone Folk comments that the clip “attempts to conjure that tragic feeling of wanting for someone who seems so close but in the end is beyond our reach.” Rolling Stone Country initially announced the record with the video for the first single “The Light of Day,” which can be seen HERE, praising, “With production from Tweedy, ‘The Light of Day’ finds the duo morphing into full-band territory, giving their sound a less pastoral, more psychedelic sheen along the lines of Gram Parson’s Grievous Angel, Buffalo Springfield or Sir Douglas Quintet if Linda Perhacs was at the wheel, with Anderson’s voice leaping from a sweet mountain warble to full-on Grace Slick belt.” In a follow up piece, they also premiered the album track “A Lifeboat,” adding, “‘A Lifeboat’ is a spare, more subdued companion piece to the rollicking predecessor ‘The Light of Day,’ but it complements that song's domestic anxiety and its sinister music video. Working with Tweedy has likely helped expand the band's musical palette.”

Kacy & Clayton are second cousins who hail from the Wood Mountain uplands of Southern Saskatchewan, Canada. Their 2015 New West Records debut Strange Country was met with critical acclaim by Q Magazine stating, “Linthicum’s acoustic playing and vocals dovetail perfectly with Anderson’s crystal voice like prime Richard and Linda Thompson.” They also stated, “You’d be forgiven for thinking it was a lost late-’60s Brit-Folk gem,” continuing with “A beautiful album that nudges a classic past into a brave future.” NPR Music also offered, “Ambient textures like cursive strings, washy steel guitar, glistening vibraphone and enveloping reverb frame Kacy & Clayton’s performances...one more way that these two ground their traditional inclinations in the here and now.”

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Kacy offered “Jeff knows so much about recording, music and gear that it’s overwhelming, but we have a lot in common with him in regards to our tastes of production and albums from the Sixties and Seventies,” says Anderson. “It’s pretty inspirational to think that he wakes up every morning and works to advance the folk-country-rock medium constantly, considering he’s already released dozens of great albums. This was very motivating for us recording this album, seeing his dedication in motion.” About its recording, she also states, “We recorded the album live off the floor. A lot of people say they do this, but we actually did and that’s because the Loft is setup to record and play live music. Live music is better. There are mistakes on the record, nothing was scrutinized to the point of repulsion.”

The Siren’s Song Track Listing:
1. The Light Of Day
2. Just Like A Summer Cloud
3. Cannery Yard
4. A Lifeboat
5. White Butte Country
6. A Certain Kind Of Memory
7. This World Has Seven Wonders
8. The Siren’s Song
9. Go And Leave Me

"...the front-runner as the year's best album in the Canadian-British-Americana country-folk category."- Associated Press

"With Wilco's Jeff Tweedy in the producer's chair, the cousins' bedroom folk was given the full-band treatment, transformed into something bordering on rock music." - Rolling Stone Country

"...some of the freshest sounding folk/country rock that’s been heard in quite a long time."
Vancouver Sun

“...delivers endless melody and effortless cool....” - AllMusic

"Continuing to explore the vast waters of country, folk, and psychedelia, The Siren’s Song is another monumental leap forward for Kacy & Clayton. With a discography that already belies their young age, the future is exceptionally bright for Canada’s finest forward-looking traditionalists." - Aquarium Drunkard

"A heavenly blend of Clayton Linthicum’s trippy guitar melodies with Kacy Anderson’s haunting, filigree vocals are grounded with lyrics about youthful angst and the struggle to know yourself." - No Depression

"The Siren's Song is another compelling chapter in what looks increasingly likely to be the long story of Kacy & Clayton's career." - Exclaim! (8/10 stars)

“Clayton Linthicum causes the same maddening ecstasy as a guitar player that his second cousin Kacy Anderson does as a singer, his wild spontaneity bursting against her eerie stoicism.” - The Milk Carton Kids




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