SLUFF (2018)


Formed in 2014, Naked Giants consist of guitarist/vocalist Grant Mullen, bassist/vocalist Gianni Aiello, and drummer Henry LaVallee. Their debut album SLUFF released on March 30th, 2018 and was produced by Steve Fisk (Nirvana, Unwound, Soundgarden). It is the Seattle trio’s follow up to their 2016 R.I.P. EP, whose songs Stereogum described as “...hulking behemoths that channel classic rock bravado into something blistering and immediate.” SLUFF swirls with hyperactive restlessness as 1960s harmonies share space with 1970s riffs while at the same time battling an undercurrent of punk rock and modern indie influences.

"...the Seattle band channel their hometown influences in an upbeat style of grunge-laden rock that'll make you want to move. (And sing along, of course.)" - Alternative Press

"...propulsive grunge/power pop blend -- with a bit of kinetic indie rock and R&B thrown in..." - Billboard

"The Seattle trio's set was punctuated by their exuberant chants and peals of feedback. Guitarist Grant Mullen and bassist Gianni Aiello locked into a ramshackle battle, trading licks and bitten-off vocals as they thrashed about the stage in a sweaty tangle of long hair that was worthy of the chest-thumping rock stars they channeled." - Rolling Stone's SXSW 2018: 30 Best Artists We Saw at the Austin Throwdown

"Naked Giants exemplify everything we love about being young: the freedom, the playfulness and the energy of an entire generation, wrapped inside three musicians in their early 20s who want to make the most out of life." - Paste Magazine

"...the result is a warmly raw record packed with surfy licks and power-pop rompers, while avoiding the garage-rock pitfalls of lo-fi limitations or being inauthentically overproduced." - Seattle Times

"On SLUFF, Naked Giants play fast, free and loose but never sloppy. Precision and cohesion distinguish the band from many of their basement-born peers. Their ability to go hard and fast without disintegrating into chaos casts them into a similar orbit as Oh Sees, the Gun Club and the Feelies—garage- and psych-tinged bands that ride the risky, exciting edge between speed and collapse." - City Arts Magazine

"...a fiery amalgam of seismic Pacific Northwest garage-punk, gnarly bubblegum blues, and fiery psych-rock." - AllMusic

"SLUFF moves like a wildfire, spreading flaming guitar riffs in every possible direction. It is loud and rambunctious, and you can almost imagine their recording sessions looking as uncaged and sweaty as their live sets. You can practically hear them jumping off the walls and slamming into each other as they burn through each song." - Glide Magazine

“Like deep and meaningful conversations in the middle of a raucous house party, the tunes Naked Giants serve up here shift the mood without spoiling any of the fun." - Kerrang!

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