New MAdrid
magnetkingmagnetqueen (2016)

New Madrid’s chemistry and singular sonic stamp are undeniable. Years of relentless touring, hundreds of shows and several thousand hours playing together have yielded a battle-hardened brotherhood – a band on a mission. Arriving in hot pursuit of their acclaimed 2015 Record Store Day live EP Dawn Teeth Rattling and combining the best elements of their freshman and sophomore full-length releases Yardboat and SunswimmerNew Madrid’s new record magnetkingmagnetqueen, due April 29th on Normaltown Records, comprises a sprawling 15 tracks, equal parts groove and jangle, psyche and grit, rock and slow burners. Co-produced with esteemed engineer David Barbe (Deerhunter, Animal Collective, Drive-By Truckers), the album rewards the careful listener with unfolding layers of experimental soundscapes and grooves, bearing new discoveries with each enthralling listen. 

Early praise for magnetkingmagnetqueen

"In the grand tradition of Can and Neu!, Athens psych pop outfit writes music to get lost in." - Consequence of Sound

"Propelled by skittering drums and lockstep bass and topped off by Phil McGill’s mangy singsong, it sounds like an old Gang Of Four song reimagined in the translucent style of Modest Mouse’s The Moon And Antarctica." - Stereogum

"An invigorating style of indie rock that's both strong in its intricacies as its catchiness." - Noisey

"Reverb-laden indie rock with a pulsing, psychedelic feel." - USA Today

Athens, Georgia has quite the pedigree when it comes to great sounds. From Phosphorescent to R.E.M, the city has been churning out legendary music for decades. We might just have another name to add to that ever growing list with New Madrid...” - The Wild Honey Pie

There is no better time than now to take the ticket to a sound that surrounds you with the synergy of a four-piece in sync together on something of a psychic level.” - Impose

Praise for 2014's Sunswimmer

“While New Madrid don't sound much like R.E.M. or Pylon, they do draw from the same elemental sources as the Classic City legends, fashioning jangly, 80s indie with the rhythms of post-punk…”  - Pitchfork

“Straight up, I think these guys are going to be humongous rock stars...Super-psychedelic, rocking, harmonic fist pumping anthems to the max.” - Sirius XM

”The mark of a great band is how it slots into tradition while carving out a little corner all its own, and New Madrid does exactly that.” - Blurt

“That New Madrid can pull off so many seeming opposites at once on Sunswimmer is impressive, but the fact that they’re housed in such striking, well-crafted songs, is what makes this album so strong.” - PopMatters

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