Ron Gallo
Heavy Meta (2017)

Ron Gallo treads the line between two mindsets: 1. The world is completely fucked. and 2. The Universe is inside you. On his New West debut HEAVY META he introduces a fearless, nervy rocker whose audacious songwriting and raw, relentless performance style resist easy categorization and impress on their own uncompromising terms. Gallo writes insistently catchy, punk-rooted tunes that cast an unflinching eye on the challenges and absurdities of contemporary life, and he and his band (bassist Joe Bisirri and drummer Dylan Sevey) play them with fiercely focused intensity.

“Fun and Dark and Garage and Psychedelic and Nice as Hell” NOISEY

“...insurgent poet and rock 'n' roll disruptor…” NPR MUSIC

"A wordsmith of a writer who just so happens to have a knack for rock and roll." NYLON

“...rollicking, glam/garage rock and roll, heavy on multiple guitar riffs and a roaring attack that spews confidence, making this sound like Gallo’s fifth album, not his first.” AMERICAN SONGWRITER (4/5 stars)

"When Gallo and his bandmates shift into high gear on 'Young Lady, You're Scaring Me,' 'Please Yourself,' and 'Put the Kids to Bed,' the fusion of Gallo's dirty but melodic melodies and waves of lyrical swagger suggests how Bob Dylan might have ended up if his primal influence had been Black Francis instead of Woody Guthrie." ALLMUSIC

“The guitar riffs on Heavy Meta are electrifying and head-spinning – the perfect match for Gallo’s unhinged madman vocals. He plays with fuzziness and distortion like a giddy kid in a candy store, creating his own oddball world of sound that is totally intoxicating.” GLIDE MAGAZINE (9/10 stars)

HEAVY META infuses the fury of the Stooges with the dynamism of Zeppelin." NASHVILLE SCENE

"It comes across as a little Experienced, a little Crazy Horsed, a little White Striped and entirely everything great about rock." JAMBASE

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