The Deslondes
hurry home (2017)

With the help of their longtime producer & engineer Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Benjamin Booker), The Deslondes' sophomore album Hurry Home continues their studied and inventive take on New Orleans country and R&B but also represents a sonic shift with a more electrified sound. Long combining elements of early Stax, Sun, and Atlantic Records with the influence of a more raw, stripped-down sound gleaned off field recordings from Alan Lomax and the Mississippi Records catalog, the band have now incorporated psychedelic flourishes that bring to mind the sonic experimentation of Joe Meek, Lee Hazlewood and The Velvet Underground.

"The self-described Americana band takes Woodie Guthrie-inspired folk techniques and blends it with harder riffs and psychedelic rock. The Deslondes have found a comfortable sound to create art in, and it serves them well." - Vice/Noisey

"[Hurry Home] creeps up, gradually engulfing the listener with its straightforward self-confidence, letting the subtle sometimes slow-burn songcraft, refreshing diversity and undeniable vocal and lyrical poise entice you back for another spin." - American Songwriter

"...a gritty, grimy mix of early rock 'n' roll and lo-fi R&B..." - Rolling Stone Country

"On their terrific second album...New Orleans quintet [The] Deslondes settle into a sweet spot at the nexus of various threads of southern sounds, building on the low-key charms of their eponymous 2015 debut." - Chicago Reader

"...a retro country feel, with just a hint of ’60s pop..." - The Boot

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