Andrew Combs
five covers & a song (2018)

canyons of my mind (2017)

Andrew Combs puts down stakes in fresh sonic terrain on his New West Records debut Canyons of my Mind. The album follows his sophomore LP, All These Dreams, which earned Combs international accolades and comparisons to everyone from Leonard Cohen to Mickey Newbury to Harry Nilsson. Canyons of my Mind is — as its title suggests — a landscape where the personal and the pastoral converge. Drawing inspiration from the biographies of literary figures like Charles Wright and Jim Harrison, Combs has created an album that explores the notion of “sustainability” in its many facets — artistic, economic, spiritual, environmental.

"One of Nashville's most poetically gifted young singer-songwriters" - NPR Music

"The song opens with Combs’ soothingly gorgeous vocals on haunting echo and spare electric guitar that crescendos into a fierce, Seattle-riffed fury. The musical gambit removes it even further away from the constraints of traditional country to forge a more experimental, rock-forward take on folk in the vein of Kevin Morby, Angel Olsen, Cass McCombs or even their forefather, Leonard Cohen.” - Rolling Stone Country, on “Bloodhunters”

"Combs is the rare writer who can make the personal seem universal, and break down the broad into pieces small enough to chew." - Rolling Stone Country

“[Canyons of my Mind] continues to blur the line between country-influenced singer-songwriter material and lush, layered indie pop.” - AllMusic

“Gorgeous, sympathetic production from Skylar Wilson and Jordan Lehning enhances these songs, adding the right balance of gravitas that, even with strings and backing vocals, never intrudes on Combs’ melodies...this is a superb, emotionally poignant album that displays and expands Andrew Combs’ impressive songwriting, musical and vocal talents.” - American Songwriter (4 out of 5 stars)

“We often equate the greatest singers with the widest range, the ones that tremble and roar. Andrew Combs has never been loud. He doesn’t dress loud, he doesn’t seek controversy or even talk abrasively. And he’s never had to wail to crescendo an emotion. He does something very pure and hard to find: choosing harmony and orchestral elegance over excess. He sings in the vein of Harry Nilsson, Kris Kristofferson and James Taylor, artists whose work carries an element of effortless sincerity. Combs has shared that timeless quality since his first record and Canyons Of My Mind is an assured and accomplished continuation of that.” - Paste Magazine

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