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Photo credit: Sacha Lecca

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The Nude Party have signed with New West Records and are set to release their self-titled debut album on July 6, 2018. The 11-track set was produced by the band's mentor and friend, Oakley Munson of Black Lips, and demonstrates their raw and effortless synchronicity that developed from learning how to play their instruments together since their teens. An inseparable gang of blood brothers bonded by a musical mission indistinguishable from their friendship, the band have lived as one unit in house after house for six years, honing their sound and aesthetic. This uncanny chemistry is exhibited throughout the music video for the album’s first single, “Chevrolet Van.” Consequence of Sound premiered the band-directed video, calling it, “A tongue-in-cheek message for anyone who thinks you can't live the rock and roll dream.” It shows The Nude Party as slacking office employees by day and a dive bar rock band by night. In a flash to the future, not much has changed as the band is still rocking the same dive bar years later – with the older version of each member played by their actual parents. The video for “Chevrolet Van” can be viewed/shared at the link below, and The Nude Party can be pre-ordered now via New West Records.

“Chevrolet Van” Official Music Video –

The members of The Nude Party first came together in the freshman dormitories of Boone, North Carolina’s Appalachian State University in 2012. Patton Magee, and later Austin Brose, linked up with childhood friends Connor Mikita & Alec Castillo and step brothers Shaun Couture & Don Merrill. The following summer, the young men moved into a lake house outside of town to begin learning their respective instruments and jamming on rudimentary riffs. Friends came by the lake house to swim and party and soon there developed a group obsession with performing in the nude. They quickly gained a following as the house band at a notorious Boone party palace referred to as the 505 House, and the bare honesty of their performances was so contagious that their audience also started partying au naturel. While these traditions may appear risqué to the casual observer, the band explains, “These weren't orgies, they weren’t sexual even. It was just kind of a wild exhibitionism that we felt gave us freedom.” Best known around campus as “the naked party band,” this informal aggregation of musicians became a defined unit and chose to call their group simply “The Nude Party.”

Ironically, they began playing fully-clothed as soon as they were christened since their birthday suits were not welcomed in any decent live music establishment. They hit the national tour circuit and soon found a mentor in Black Lips’ drummer, Oakley Munson. He produced their Hot Tub EP and in exchange for cheap rent and physical labor gave The Nude Party a new home deep in the Catskills Mountains. An isolated place to focus entirely on writing music and playing together, and the culmination of six years of experimentation and refinement of material, has resulted in the band’s first full-length.

Incessant road warriors who play 150+ dates a year, The Nude Party is currently on an extensive tour with Ron Gallo & Twen and will appear at Levitation Music Festival in Austin, TX later this month. The band will join Sunflower Bean for a stretch of dates this June followed by a headlining album release show at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY on July 5. Please see below for all dates and full tour details.

The Nude Party Track List:
1. Water On Mars
2. Feels Alright
3. Chevrolet Van
4. Paper Trail (Money)
5. War is Coming
6. Records
7. Live Like Me
8. Gringo Che
9. Wild Coyote
10. Astral Man
11. Charlie’s Sheep


“This North Carolina group lives up to their cheeky name on their self-titled, bare-bones debut, a flapping-in-the-breeze album that evokes Nuggets garage rock and Out of Our Heads-era Stones. ...singer Patton Magee and his mates are kinetic, harnessing raw energy as only a gang of barely-twentysomethings can.”  - Rolling Stone “10 New Albums To Stream Now”

"The Nude Party knows exactly what they're doing with their Sixties-drenched sound, and they’re incredibly good at it."  - Austin Chronicle

“The Nude Party are the coolest motherfuckers on the block.” - D.I.Y.

"Hearing the self-titled debut album from The Nude Party will have you scratching your head, wondering how a young band could bust out of the gate with such a fully realized sound on their first try…heavy Velvet Underground references injected with uninhibited youthfulness... well-polished on their full-length debut.” - No Depression

“…their wiry, twangy garage-rock comes free of inhibition, as well it should from a band who once played naked at campus parties back in North Carolina.” - Rolling Stone

“The New York-via-North Carolina band blissfully totters between British Invasion and classic Southern rock, leaving listeners singing and swaying along to every chorus.” - Flagpole

"The album crackles with energy and feels a bit like the Faces fronted by a post-punk singer. Influences run from the 1960s right up through the present, while the band proves rock is long from dead.” - PopMatters

"They blow the roof off but do it with style and class, nodding to the past without slavishly imitating it. “ - American Songwriter

"Jesus, who knew it would take a band of 20-somethings to perfectly, organically resurface the vibe of ‘70s rock – from the swagger of the Rolling Stones to the swamp funk of Leon Russell – for the modern era." - Innocent Words

 “Groove-tinted, riff-centric jams that will have you waiting to see these guys live." - Exclaim!

"The Nude Party, are so darned…uplifting, in myriad ways. They’re just totally groovy, and natural, and fun, and kinda funny, too, in a dopey deadpan way that I can’t help but find adorable." - Stomp and Stammer

“If there's a common musical theme, it's the latter half of the '60s, and the Nude Party does everything right in capturing a certain irreverent spirit here.” - AllMusic

“A refreshing blast of rock and roll that recalls the Velvet Underground, New York punk and 60’s garage and psych.” - Shindig!

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