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"The lead single “Gotta Get To Know Ya” is a high-energy, in-your-face blend of rock, funk, R&B, soul and a certain sound that is all too unique to Seratones. Including a fun and fresh music video, Seratones don’t seem to be holding anything back with their new era of music." - Paste Magazine

"Their brand of fuzzed out garage-soul sounds potent on first single “Gotta Get To Know Ya.”" - Brooklyn Vegan

"A super-compact jam at just over two minutes, “Gotta Get to Know Ya” is constructed around a fuzzed-out, punk-funk bassline and Haynes’ versatile vocals, which range from sultry purrs to siren wails. Building on the soul and garage-rock elements of their debut album, Haynes and the Seratones keep the pace by laying down a ridiculously tight groove, sprinkling in some spacey synth effects and live-wire guitar skronk along the way. " - Rolling Stone

"...loud, sassy and fun..." - Side One Track One

"One thing that hasn’t changed is ever compelling lead singer A.J. Haynes. Sonically mesmerizing, Haynes shows off her vulnerability with the new tracks." - Ghettoblaster

"Every single detail about this is on-point." - NYLON

"The song’s immediate fuzzy bass crunch and raucous, head-nodding drums prove that they can still hang in the captivating garage-rock fray of their 2016 debut Get Gone, but there is a new depth to their compositions led by frontwoman A.J. Haynes’ stronger command of the band’s platform. “Gotta Get To Know Ya” is the perfect example: a soul bop that sounds like an unrequited love overture that actually doubles as a salve for climate change and it’s encroaching effects." - Billboard

"If the B-52s acquired an affinity for midi strings and were fronted by a gospel singer, the result wouldn’t be too far off from this new Seratones song. “Power” has vocal chops and a spunky groove..." - RIFF Magazine

"This song = an immediate confidence-booster." - NYLON

"'Power,' [is a] most aptly-named cut. After two-and-a-half minutes of driving, all-out performances from the entire group, almost everything drops out, leaving vocalist AJ Haynes alone with a tremolo string section, before suddenly diving back into the opening groove, fuller and more powerful than before." - NPR All Songs Considered

"But these are soul songs, some with string and synth accompaniment, that are often powered by a dynamic rhythm section supporting the spirited, spotlight-stealing vocals of Haynes...Like the chemical from which their moniker is somewhat derived, Seratones’ music will leave you feeling more elated and euphoric after a single spin." - American Songwriter

"On "Power," fans will hear more of Haynes captivating, powerful, and southern soulful songbird vocals heightened by the musicians' signature style, dubbed as brash proto-punk and garage rock." - Shreveport Times

"The Shreveport-based five-piece fuses classic Motown and Stax with synthesizers and modern arrangements with Haynes’ confident, potent voice soaring above the joyful noise... The fuzzed-out basslines and distorted drums hearken back to the sound of the debut, but it’s unmistakably soulful – a sound that some have dubbed garage-soul. Yet Haynes’ voice is malleable, full of both unrelenting power and nuance." - Glide Magazine

"The Seratones are in a season of change and new beginnings that’s catapulting the Shreveport-based gritty soul-meets-rock band further into the national spotlight." - The Shreveport Times

"...fusing rock ‘n’ roll with doo-wop, punk and soul, marked especially by lead singer A.J. Haynes’ feats of vocal sorcery." - Dallas Observer

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